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Corporate Golf Gifts - Treat your Clients!

Branded Tank Top and Polo Shirt

Golfers Scotland have developed a range of exclusive golf gifts and goodies designed to ensure your Corporate Golf Day gets off to the right start. Examples include top branded clothing, golf balls and golf accessories.

There are not many sports and leisure activities that will entice busy executives away from their desks but golf is definitely one of them! A well organised, relaxed golf event can be a really effective way to re-affirm existing client relationships, and provide a vehicle for new relationships. If you think about your usual hurried appointments with busy clients and potential clients and consider the difference between this, and a relaxed day on the golf course with every last detail, including gifts on arrival, taken care of, it is obvious that wonders may be worked in such an environment!

If you have not the first idea on setting up the ideal golf day gift, here at Golfers Scotland we will advise you on all the elements that go into making a great Corporate Golf Day. It is a way of spending quality hours with clients or employees in a relaxed environment where you can socialise or talk business. Golf is probably the most popular choice when it comes to entertaining clients at a corporate level.

We take care of everything!

We will help you organise a successful golf day - every detail will be attended to so you can get on with the business of enjoying the event and making the most of your opportunity to engage with colleagues, clients or potential clients.


We can supply customised promotional gifts, clothing and logo balls from a variety of top brands, including:

  • Baxter Fine Art
  • Berghaus
  • Callaway
  • Galvin Green
  • Glenmuir
  • Grants of Dalvey
  • Lyle & Scott
  • Nike
  • North Face
  • Tailor Made Adidas
  • Titleist Footjoy

Talk to Golfers Scotland about your needs for gifts for your Corporate Golf day. Call Christine or Hector on +44 (0) 1330 822 226